About the Rocky Mountain Weather Network

The Rocky Mountain Weather Network (RMWN) is an affiliation of Internet based private weather stations in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. In addition to current and historical weather data from their personal weather stations, RMWN member web sites offer other weather related features such as forecasts, radar and satellite images, lightning tracker pages, and weather related web cams.


The RMWN serves as a hub to link these stations together across the region, allowing each station’s visitors easy access to web based weather in other areas of the Rocky Mountain region. It also serves to promote sharing of weather related links and web page techniques among the membership, leading to high quality, useful weather sites for the Internet public.


Each member station displays a mesomap of the current conditions at member stations across the Rocky Mountain Region when possible or provides a link back to the Rocky Mountain Weather Network website.


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join our discussion forums!


About this Site:

The concept of the regional weather networks was started and deployed by Ken at Saratoga-Weather.org. With his knowledge of websites and coding, he has enabled these networks to flourish. Were it not for Ken taking charge of this and many other weather website projects, the community would not be nearly as advanced or as well of as it is today.


Tony of ThorntonWeather.com has worked with Ken to setup and deploy this regional network - RockyMountainWeather.net.

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Weather Network
RMWN is an affiliation of weather station owners and operators dedicated to providing comprehensive regional weather to the public.

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